Principles of Financial Strategy – Control

Financial strategy is more than just rate of return. Follow along in this series of posts on principles of financial strategy. Rate of return is one of them, but it’s not the only one.

Do you understand the power of your whole life insurance?

Arm yourself with knowledge

Avoid losses and keep more of your money

What has a greater impact on your ability to build wealth: higher rates of return or reducing costs?

Begin with the end in mind

Begin with the end in mind – increase retirement distribution by 70%

Certainty from whole life insurance

Certainty from whole life insurance-a message to our clients

Whole Life Insurance Myths-whole life insurance has a terrible savings rate

#wholelifemyths-whole life insurance has a terrible savings rate…compared to what??

Whole Life Insurance Myths-Buy Term/Invest The Difference

#wholelifemyths-buy term and invest the difference is a misleading, but popular phrase in today’s financial services industry.

What makes these policies so special

A friend of mine asked me to review some old, whole life insurance policies he had established a while back.
They are dividend paying policies, payable until age 100, with a reputable, fraternal insurance company.

Alternative Down Payment Financing

Let’s take a look at two different strategies for financing the down payment of a typical buy and hold real estate investment.