Certainty from whole life insurance

Certainty from whole life insurance-a message to our clients

Whole Life Insurance Myths-whole life insurance has a terrible savings rate

#wholelifemyths-whole life insurance has a terrible savings rate…compared to what??

Whole Life Insurance Myths-Buy Term/Invest The Difference

#wholelifemyths-buy term and invest the difference is a misleading, but popular phrase in today’s financial services industry.

What makes these policies so special

A friend of mine asked me to review some old, whole life insurance policies he had established a while back.
They are dividend paying policies, payable until age 100, with a reputable, fraternal insurance company.

Alternative Down Payment Financing

Let’s take a look at two different strategies for financing the down payment of a typical buy and hold real estate investment.

I have a new whole life policy, now what?

A common question we get, whether it be from a client starting his or her first policy or from someone interested in learning more about dividend paying, high cash-value whole life insurance, is, “What do I do with a policy once I have it?”

Is Survivor Benefit Plan Right For Me?

Should I decline the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)? As with most financial questions, the answer to this one is, it depends.

Why should you care about Opportunity Costs?

What are opportunity costs? Every day, you make choices. You choose what time to wake up, what to eat for breakfast, what tasks to accomplish at work, and so on.