Alternative Investments: Non-Correlated Assets for a Better Portfolio

Investors have short-term memories, which is why so many cling to the stock market, even when it’s on a downward trend, or overdue for a correction.

If you have lost confidence in the market, or are simply looking for WHERE you can invest OUTSIDE of the stock market—safely and profitably—you’re not alone.

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5 Things You Should NEVER Leave to Your Children

While inheritances are largely thought of in terms of financial legacies, there are many things that we “leave” for our children, including things they may not want!


Happy Wealth: The Surprising Secret to More Sales, Success, and Satisfaction

The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

—William James, American philosopher and psychologist

Why Happy People Are More Successful

Protect Your Identity and Personal Financial Information

“Last week, somebody stole my identity. This week, they begged me to take it back!”


Is Your Real Estate Portfolio Diversified?

So you’ve conquered the your local real estate market. You’ve got 6 or 8 rentals, each earning cash flow. Congratulations! Now… what if a natural disaster decimates the area, or if the economy suffers a major setback? Uh oh….

7 Reasons to be a Private Lender

It’s one of the oldest, most proven forms of investing; lending capital to another—perhaps someone who can’t get traditional bank financing—in exchange for interest, and eventually your principal, in return.

The Balancing Act: Are You Truly Diversified?

Have you taken a “30,000 foot view” of your finances lately? Is it positioned for the growth, strength, stability and cash flow you desire? To help you answer that, let’s examine asset allocation and diversification through the lens of Prosperity Economics.

How to Money-Proof Your Relationship!

Research from American Express revealed that 91 percent of couples avoid talking about finances, and only 43 percent discussed money before marriage!

Are Bonds Still a Good Choice for Safe, Steady Growth?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that bonds aren’t what they used to be. Values are declining, risk is up, investors are selling, bond funds are underperforming, and municipal bonds are no longer the safe haven they once were.

7 Strategies for More Income in Retirement

One of the biggest fears people have is running out of money in retirement. And for many Americans, this is a very real risk, not an irrational phobia.